Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Artist At Midnight

Mandala, 12x12" Approx. Geometric Abstract Design by Ruth Zachary.


Artist at Midnight


The rain-glazed pavement is black obsidian

catching light, capturing excitement.

Driven, the man sees in the shards of rain,

splintering glass, lights probing darkness,

shattering the night.


His windshield is his easel

a portal for designing windows,

for shaping irregular fragments into a whole.

He scarcely feels the steering wheel

or hears the grind of tires on pavement,

cutting double lines along wet asphalt,

splitting the road in half at its center.

He feels instead, the tactile sense

of curved ribbons of glass yielding

to the delicate pressure of his hands.


The heat of his will fuses it together in his mind.

a whole, luminous web, enhancing light.

Heavy leading binds the parts, but

he thinks not of its weight, but of its strength,

as the headlights come to rest at his studio door.


Images and Writing are the Copyright © of Ruth Zachary

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