Friday, February 6, 2009


Hieroglyphs: Cabin Fever. Study for Collage

After the Crash

The square screen looms.

Patiently I wait for Dr. Norton
as he scans the flash card
that may have been injured
when my G-4 froze.

It contains my recent poems.

I fear it may be dead,
and watch the way a
parent watches the breathing
of a sick child In the crib..

I focus on the flash card reader
as its blue light blinks steadily

like a heartbeat.

The winter months are a good time for creative time. The study above was inspired by the need to be inside and out of the dreary weather that lasts far too long. The poem was also written a year ago in February. Actually, the weather here in Colorado has given us a few reprieves and chances to walk on dry sidewalks, and I have started my early gardening, pruning back the raspberries as must be done each year for a good summer crop.

Suggested Exercise: Try to express what the season means to you; what feelings and memories come when you think of a particular month. Or write about how you occupy yourself in the time when there is not much else to do. Try to express a feeling using the character of the season, the landscape, without saying it is your feeling.

Images and Writing are the Copyright of Ruth Zachary