Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Autumn Greetings!

Nature's Bounty © by Ruth Zachary

Mock Mincemeat

            A full moon in October. A killing frost certain to freeze the remaining tomatoes! Our job to salvage the rest? How many fried green tomatoes can one family eat?
            But waste not, want not....       So....wearing your patched apron, you chopped most of the day with your tin can cutter, and with my help, sliced a peck of green tomatoes with equal amount of apples, four pounds of raisins, one quart canned cherries, one cup of vinegar, a tablespoon of salt, six pounds of sugar, one pound of butter, three tablespoons of cinnamon, one tablespoon of cloves, and one of allspice.
            The whole batch was mixed well in the galvanized laundry tub to marinate overnight in the unheated kitchen, blending flavors. The following morning the concoction was simmered in two large enamel kettles for one and a half hours, and then poured into sterilized quart-sized mayonnaise jars.
            We had one pie that night, and two at Thanksgiving, and by Christmas several jars became gifts offered to relatives. By spring, mock mincemeat was no longer a family favorite.
            Using good ingredients to salvage an excess of one that is not so good, is a mistake, in spite of Daddy’s lesson he often told as a tongue-twister, “Betty Botter bought some bitter butter and it made her batter bitter...so she mixed a bit of better butter in her bitter batter, and made her bitter batter better.”

            After having been away from my blogs because of computers dying like a falling line of vertical dominoes, I am working to get equipment that will allow working both with art images and writing, and I want to share both on my blogs in the near future. The time has been put to good use, however. I have finished two books with my poetry in them, and am working on two more books, to come out at a future time. The first book was The Woman Who Named Herself, published by Xlibris. It is available on Amazon, or through Orders@Xlibris.com. Autographed books may also be obtained from me at rzacharyart@gmail.com  $20 plus shipping and tax.

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